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Weifang World Kite Museum


Exhibition Hall No.5

?The Fifth Exhibition Hall: The Comprehensive & Functional Exhibition of Kites

The Excellent Kites Exhibition in China
  China is the birthplace of the kites. After more than two thousand years of innovational development, the kites have become popular throughout the world. Flying kites has wide and solid foundation within common people and gradually forms its own style, especially in Beijing, Tianjin, Weifang, Nantong, and Taibei and so on. Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the art of kites has improved considerably with the international exchanges of kite culture and occurred a lot of skilled technicians making different kinds of kites, which are nice to appreciate.
This exhibition room mainly displays exquisite kites the handicraftsmen make in each area. Most of them have acquired awards in each its competition, through which you could have a general idea about our present situation on the kite making.

The Rules for Kites Competition

  Each competition has its own rules. So does kites competition. 《The Rules of Kites Competition》, which was drafted by Weifang on January 28th, 1986, was formally ratified by the National Gymnasium Committee and the First National Kites Invitation Competition was held on the commission of the Committee in the same year. After several complementarities and improvements, the National Gymnasium Committee promulgated new rules for competitions in 2002. The rules are divided into two parts: Rules on Competition and the Judgment Law on Competition.
  The Category for Dragon-Stringed Kites: pattern is divided according to the diameter of burls and the quantity of burls. The dragon head will not be included in the burls.
1、 small size: diameter ranging from 13-17 cm, more than 40 burls
2 、medium size: diameter ranging from 23-27 cm, more than 60 burls
3 、big size: diameter ranging from 33-37 cm, more than 80 burls
4 、extra-big size: diameter exceeding 40 cm, more than 100 burls
  The Category for soft、hard boards and its strings, soft、hard wings and its strings: pattern is divided according to the plane area (the longest * the widest of the backbones of kites)
1 、small size: area ranging from 0.3-0.4 square meters
2 、medium size: area ranging from 0.6-0.7 square meters
3、 big size: area ranging from 0.9-1.0 square meters
4、 extra-big size: area exceeding more than 1.3 square meters
  The Category for Solid Kites: pattern is divided according to area that how much wind kites will receive from
1、 small size: area ranging from 0.3-0.4 square mete
2、 medium size: area ranging from 0.6-0.7 square meters
3 、big size: area ranging from 0.9-1.0 square meters
4 、extra-big size: area exceeding 1.3 square meters
How to grade kites is composed of two parts: technique and flying skills.
  To grade technique, the following elements are taken into consideration: design, exquisiteness of making backbones, decoration, painting and creation. It takes up 40 marks.
  To grade flying skills, the attention is focused on takeoff, angles, how to fly and so on. It occupies 60 marks.

The Process of Making of Kites


The theory of flying kites
  To fly kites escalating from the earth to the sky, several conditions should be satisfied: proper wind force; the kite itself must have one surface to face the wind: towing force of lines, namely, controlling force.
The function of keeping fit for kites
  Kite is an old handicraft by tackle flying kites is a traditional entertainment activity besides this function. The reasons why people are deeply lord of the kites come to keeping it is a benthic actively, which can intensely your physical strength, brain, sentiment and tearing.
People usually keep themselves in a dynamic state while flying kites, which help exercise legs arms, necks, waist and so on. The two hands ought to pull lines continuously, considering left and right, sometimes you need to pull lines urgently and sometimes expand lines slowly, managing the balance of kites. These acts have good therapy for curing per arthritis hummer scapulars and cervical spondylopathy. The movement of kites in the sky helps improve myopia and amblyopic.
?Flying kites can not only intensity the body to prevent illness, but also cure medical illnesses directly. In recent years, several countries, like Europe, America, and Australia, have set up “kite hospital”, “kite Therapy Hospital”, and “kite therapy” to cure neurasthenic, nerve depression, intelligent scarcity for children, sight letdown and have obtained good effect.