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Exhibition Hall No.6

?The sixth Exhibition Hall:Weifang International Kite Festival

1、Weifang International Kite Festival

  Weifang enjoys unique conditions and advantages to hold International Kite Festival: First, Weifang Kites have a long history of more than 2,000 years, during which forms own special styles from one generations to another and attracts kite fans of different countries to come to Weifang to exchange opinions on techniques.Second, flying kites have acquired wide foundation within citizens in Weifang. As early as Song Dynasty, it became popular by the common people. The citizens in Weifang have been keeping the customs to fly kites and hold kites competition for tens of thousands of years. The kite fans are eager to take part in the big-sized kites competition activities. Third, kite exchange activities both at home and abroad for such a long time has been given birth to Weifang International Kite Festival.
  The scale and influence of Weifang International Kite Festival has been regarded No.1 in the world within so many kite activities. Not only increases the cultural exchanges of kites internationally, but also improves the reputation of Weifang and help speed up the economical and construction development, making Weifang a glittering pearl in Qi and Lu state.
The Naissance of World Kite Capital
  Weifang Kites Association sent 《The Proposal》to organizations throughout the world in October,1987, aiming at running for the World Kite Capital. This aroused enormous effect in the world and they all telephoned and cabled us for support. The presidium of the Fifth Weifang International Kite Festival on April 1st, 1988, witnessed the comfirmation to negotiate this issue with world and history significance. The directors of Kites Association from thirteen countries and areas, namely, China, America, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and Hongkong, attended this conference. David Chekesi, a famous American kite nobility, chairman of the Seattle Kite Association, read 《The Proposal to Make Weifang “the World Kite Capital”》. He highly praised the long history of Weifang Kites, its exquisite techniques as well as the contributions that Weifang had made to promote kites as gymnasium and tourism items in the world. The directors in the conference agreed the Proposal unanimously and signed signatures on the Proposal. Even since then, Weifang was formally elected “ World Kite Capital”.

2、Foreign Kites Festivals

International Kite Festival in America
  It is named Kite Festival in America, which in turn is held by all the Kite Associations coordinated with that of in each state once a year. The specific time is dependent on the proper seasons in hosting place. When the Kite Festival is near the corner, each state will send invitations to different countries in the world. Several or dozens of kite delegations will take part in every session and the number of people reaches more than ten thousand. The active cities in America are New York, Boston, Washington D.C, Seattle and so on.
International Kite Festival in France
  The year 1978 witnessed the opening of International Kite Festival in France. 狄纳 in west part of France was the first to organize this. They regard it as an activity to increase the interest of the tourists. The Kite Festival in each year will be held nearly the French National Celebration Day, July 14th, on which the climax of flying kites would occur.
  Up to now, there has been four cities in turn to hold the International Kite Festival and the most famous city is 迪埃浦市. Its beginning of the International Kite Festival was open in 1978. They held it every two years with dozens of countries and tens of thousands of audiences attending it.
International Kite Festival in Japan
  The International Kite Festival in Japan was organized by the Japanese Kite Association and local gymnasium departments. The Japanese Kite Association was set up in 1969 and most of the members are skilled at making kites. Tokyo New Spring Kite Festival every year has been the most influenced and prestiged in the international kite festivals.
  Baibin Amusement Park in 和歌山市 in Japan had been hold exhibition and performances of International Kites since 1986. The International Kite Festival in 日本滨松市 had the biggest scale with 1.5 million-2 million people taking part in.
International Kite Festival in Holland
  The seaside bathhouse in the suburbs of clean and beautiful city Hague witnessed its opening on June 22nd, 1985. Kites Delegations from 13 countries took part in it, namely, Britain, America, Switzerland, China, Italy and so on.
International Kite Festival in Germany
  A lot of cities in Germany have held the International Kite Festivals and West Berlin, Hamburge and 贝莱特 have received high reputation. They usually have big scale and rich in contents and varieties, with more than 50 thousand people attending it.
International Kite Festival in Singapore
  The year 1981 witnessed the foundation of National Kite Association and 1982 saw the opening of the First Session of International Kite Festival. The Festival once a year have attracted kite delegations of 10 countries taking part in performance, namely, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, France, America and Britain.
International Kite Festival in Thailand
  The International Kite Festival in Thailand, which is? held every two years, is organized unitedly by Thailand Kite Association and national tourism departments. The Kite Association is in charge of inviting kite delegations from each country to come here for sight-seeing. During the Festival, ethnical and traditional performance would be held at the same time. Each Festival would number more than 50 thousand people. “The King Cup of Title Match” is renowned as world-famous competition.
International Kite Festival in Italy
  The International Kite Festival in Italy is organized by the National Kite Association and held on its National Celebration Day, June 2nd. The Festival is held every two years. The kites, which are made by using new materials, are able to adapt themselves to the requirements of air dynamic force after improvements of designs and forms. Due to the rich varieties and continuous innovation, More and more kite fans are fond of it and the number of countries and people attending it has been increased year after year.
International Kite Festival in Switzerland
  The year 1985 witnessed the beginning of the International Kite Festival in Switzerland. Since this is an inland country, the place is chosen 瑞士苏黎世湖上, which attracts tens of thousands of kite fans attending it.
  The seminar on the theory and technique of flying kites will also be held during the Festival each year. The magazine, “ The Kites in Switzerland”, has been pressed, which provides a stage for exchanges for the kite fans throughout the world.

3、The Affirmation and Solicitude

  There are two creation during Weifang International Kite Festival: First, develop the traditional folklore entertainment activity of flying kites as a formal gymnasium competition item; Second, combine flying kites with tourism, culture, and economic activities to open a new way for development with kites connecting friendship as well as promoting economic development.
  The “Two Creation” arouses the attention of many people, especially those deciders trying to find new ways for economic development in the reform and opening to the outside world. The cities in the world committing themselves to developing tourism and raising their reputation also have great interest in Weifang International Kite Festival.
  Weifang International Kite Festival, which is listed in UNESCO International Folklore Art Organization 2005 Non-Substance Cultural Heritage and Folklore Art Protection Project, has been rewarded as the most influential festivals internationally in China and has obtained another cultural brand achievement both at home and abroad.

4、Kites brand effect:

Weifang Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Negotiation Conference:
  Shandong-Taiwan (Weifang) Economic and Trade Negotiation Conference, one of the three big activities in Shandong Province, is a provincial activity set by Shandong Provincial Committee and Shandong Provincial Government to attract investment from Taiwan and outside cities and countries in the world
  The projects invested from Taiwan and foreign countries in Weifang have undergone quick development with the held of Shandong - Taiwan Conference. More than hundreds of enterprises invested by Taiwan have settled in Weifang. Shandong-Taiwan (Weifang) Economic and Trade Negotiation Conference each year will provide a good bridge for the enterprises beside the Straits to communicate and exchange with each other.
  Shandong-Taiwan (Weifang) Economic and Trade Negotiation Conference has been received high praise and full confirmation from businessmen, political leaders and the whole society since it was successfully held in 1994. The perfect development chances and active communication politically and economically have promoted to a new heap in attracting investment from Taiwan and other foreign countries.
Miss World Kite
  The First Session of “ Miss World Kite Competition” was held by the International Kite Federation, National Gymnasium Bureau, Weifang Municipal Government and other bureaus in unite during the 21st International Kite Festival. 136 Miss World Kites, who were selected from 67 member countries of the Federation and 34 provinces and Autonomous Regions, participated in the competition.
  It was graded by the international models, professional judging committee and relative experts and made notarization, with principles of being open, justice and fairness. Several activities were organized during this period, for example, flying kites in the Great Wall in Beijing, ceremony of entering city, opening ceremony for the Kite Festival, opening ceremony of Shandong – Taiwan Economic and Trade Negotiation Conference, Celebration Evening Party, visiting gardens, shopping and showing love and affection.
  The beauty, friendship and love, which was brought by beauties from different parts of the world and different parts of China, added a nice scenery to the World Kite Capital.   
   Spread the beauty to the whole country and the whole world, making more people realize the spirit and charm of Miss World Kites, all of which had made great contributions to further exchanges, promotion of world peach, friendship and development.

Weifang, the kite capital of the world
  Located in the middle part of the Shandong province, Weifang is a developing industrial city as well as a renowned cultural with a long history. It covers an area of 17,000square kilometers and has a population of over 8 million.
  Weifang boasts of its vast territory, well-developed transportation system and abundant resources. As the birthplace of many outstanding historic figures, it also takes place in the solid cultural foundation. The works of handicraft in Weifang such as kite, clay sculpture, embroidery, paper-cut, wood-block, New Year picture and silver-inlaid article are favored by many people at home and abroad. Since the Reform and Opening Policy began to be implemented from the late 1970s, the rapid progress Weifang has made in the fields of city construction, transportation, culture, science, technology and tourism has turned it into a new modern city.

The naissance of world kite capital
  Weifang kites association sent (The proposal) to organizations throughout the world to October, 1987. Aiming at running for the World kite capital, this aroused enormous effect in the world and they all telephoned and cabled us for support. The presidium of the firth Weifang International Kite Festival on April 1st. 1988, witnessed the confirmation to negotiate this issue with world and history significance. The directors of kites association from thirteen counties and areas, namely: China. America. Britain. Canada. France. Italy. Germany. Demark. Australia. New Zealand. Japan. Thailand and Hong Kong. Attended this conference, David choked a famous American kite nobility, chairman of the Seattle kite association read (the proposal to make Weifang “the world kite capital”). He highly praised the long history of Weifang kite; its exquisite techniques as well as the contributions that Weifang had made to promote kites as gymnasium and tourism items in the world. The directors in the conference agreed the proposal unanimously and signed signatures on the proposal. Even since then. Weifang was formally elected “world kite capital”

The international kite federation
  The international kite federation, an international folk organization, was established in Weifang. China on Apr. 1st. 1989, the delegates from 16 countries and regions attended the first conference of the organization, at which the chairman, vice-Chairman, secretary-general and chief board members were elected and the regulations of the international kite federation were made. With the approval of the state council of the people’s republic of China, the headquarters of the IKF were decided to be set up in Weifang: The Kite Capital of the World.
  The founding of the IKF meant the appearance of the leading organization and activity center of the world’s kite cause. It has greatly contributed to developing the world’s kite cause, promoting the friendship among the countries throughout the world and bringing about world peace.